Roof Restoration

Do you have a leaky roof? Are your heating and cooling bills going through the roof? Are you dreading that costly roof replacement? Well, worry no more. We specialize in total roof restoration. We'll fix the leaks and lower your energy costs for a fraction of the price of a roof replacement. The best part, you get to keep your business running the whole time, no need to shut down. Contact us for a quote today.

Energy Efficient
Our roof restoration systems are highly reflective to keep to sun's rays away while also providing r-value to help regulate the temperature inside.
Why replace when you can restore? And the cost of restoration is significantly lower than replacing.
Hassle Free
You get a like new roof without the hassle. Don't worry about costly shut downs, we can work while you do!
Our roofing systems are all backed by up to 18 year warranties. And unlike other companies, we personally stand behind and guarantee our products.
Customer Focused
We that roof problems pop up when you least expect them. Give us a call anytime, we're always ready take a look and give you a solution.
We are well known and always provide quality work. Our Conklin roofing products are nationally recognized and considered the best in the industry.
Metal Roof Restorations
Metal roof restoration is our bread an butter. We can take your old, rusty, leaking roof and seal it and restore to be more protected and energy efficient than when it was installed.
Sprayed Foam
Our spray foam system stops leaks from the top down while also insulating your roof.
Membrane Coatings
If your existing EPDM or other type of membrane roof is starting to fail, we can revitalize and restore it for a fraction of the cost of replacing it.
Single Ply Systems
We can restore existing single ply systems as well as install new TPO and PVC roofs.